Szymon Łosowski
Legal Counsel's Office

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The main area of operation of the law office is providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs organized as commercial law companies, as well as individuals conducting sole proprietorship with their registered office in Poland, within the European Union, and beyond its borders.

The law office has extensive experience, allowing us to provide services at a high level. All office employees are fluent in the English language.

We offer entrepreneurs both ongoing legal assistance and legal assistance in specific situations, both concerning organizational matters of entities and related to the business activities conducted by the entities.

The scope of the law office services includes:

Creation, transformation, merger, and liquidation of commercial law companies

Representation of entities in management boards and corporate bodies.

Advisory in corporate structure management

Registration and changes in commercial law companies in the National Court Register (KRS)

Tax optimization

Implementation of the IP Box relief

Creation, analysis, and negotiation of commercial agreements

Ensuring the proper execution of commercial and civil contracts

Bills of exchange

Preparation of company agreements and management board and shareholders' meeting regulations

Legal support for entities operating in the e-commerce sector, including online stores, e-commerce platforms, and online services

Labor law advisory, including support for the personnel or HR department of business entities

Employee outsourcing

Operation and creation of temporary employment agencies

Legal support for business entities in international commercial and investment transactions

Enforcement of intellectual property rights and prevention of their infringement

Representation of entities in construction and investment processes

Representation of entities in legal disputes and before public administration bodies

Debt collection

Business Advisory


Legal Services

The law firm specializes in providing legal services to companies and entrepreneurs, offering a wide range of legal services. It operates both on a permanent legal support basis and provides assistance in problematic situations related to business activities. It ensures individual approach, representation in disputes, and effective legal solutions that positively impact the company’s image. The professionalism and commitment of the law firm’s employees guarantee a high level of service for both business entities and individuals.

Dispute Resolution

We represent our clients in court, arbitration, mediation, and negotiation disputes

Permanent Legal Support

Legal support for companies and entrepreneurs

Legal Advice

We strive to solve legal problems